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Coronavirus is still a danger

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Licensing service changes

We have made temporary changes to our licensing services due to the coronavirus

Policy and guidance

The Licensing Act 2003 relates to the sale or supply of alcohol, provision of regulated entertainment, and the supply of late night refreshment.

It is important proper authorisation has been given to carry out any of these activities, failure to do so would be committing an offence.

Licensing policy

Our licensing policy for 2016 to February 2021 is available below, together with plans showing extent of the cumulative impact policies. Due to the coronavirus pandemic the review of this policy has been delayed but will take place during 2021. In the meantime the policy for 2016-2021 will continue to apply, in line with government advice.

The statutory guidance - GOV.UK (PDF) was updated in 2018 and made changes to the provisions for cumulative impact zones (see paragraphs 14.20 to 14.46). This guidance takes precedence over our licensing policy and therefore applicants and interested parties are advised to pay particular attention to it.

In particular, paragraph 14.40 of the guidance says:

“In publishing a Cumulative Impact Assessment a licensing authority is setting down a strong statement of intent about its approach to considering applications for the grant or variation of premises licences or club premises certificates in the area described. The CIA does not, however, change the fundamental way that licensing decisions are made. It is therefore open to the licensing authority to grant an application where it considers it is appropriate and where the applicant can demonstrate in the operating schedule that they would not be adding to the cumulative impact. Applications in areas covered by a CIA should therefore give consideration to potential cumulative impact issues when setting out the steps that will be taken to promote the licensing objectives."


Fees for applications under the Licensing Act are set by central government. Details are available below.

Guidance and policy documents

Various documents are attached below. These cover:

  • City centre cumulative impact areas
  • The Braunstone Gate area cumulative impact area
  • Fees for premises and club premises certificates
  • Fees for temporary activities
  • Model conditions
  • Policy on drugs misuse
  • Standard conditions for PELs
  • Licensing policy 2011 to 2014

Requirement to obtain other consents/permissions

Other permissions may be required in addition to your premises licence. Please visit the apply for pre-application advice page for further information on planning.

Please note that obtaining a premises licence does not override the requirement to obtain any consents required under other legislation including Planning. Enforcement action can be taken under other legislation including planning if you run a business without the benefit of the required consent/permission.

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