Sex establishment licences

We issue licences for sexual entertainment venues, such as lap dancing clubs, and for sex shops.

Further information

Sexual entertainment venues

We have legal powers to control sex establishments, such as lap dancing venues. We adopted these powers in November 2010 and introduced a policy on licensing sexual entertainment venues in March 2011.

In July 2011 we limited the number of such venues that may be licensed in the city centre and Braunstone Gate area to five.

The application process is set out in the policy. Applications must be made on the standard application form, which is available below. A public notice must be displayed on the premises for 21 days from the date the application is made, and also published in a local newspaper within seven days of the application being made.

Sex shops

We have a policy on licensing sex shops. We issue licences in accordance with the policy and carry out inspections to ensure standards are maintained. These are dealt with separately to sexual entertainment venues.

Current applications

An application has been made for the renewal of the existing sexual entertainment venue licence for Platinum Lace at 1 Abbey Street. There are no changes proposed to the current hours and conditions of operation. Any representations must be made no later than 8 April 2017.