Traffic Regulation Orders

We implement Traffic Regulation Orders (TROs) to change parking restrictions and moving traffic restrictions on roads within the city.

Further information

TROs currently in operation

Vulcan Road

We are proposing to make changes to existing restrictions and correct anomalies and discrepancies between the restrictions marked on street and the existing traffic order.

Streets affected

Beaumont Road, Chatsworth Street, Cromford Street, Hartington Road, Matlock Street, Maynard Road, Sherrard Road, St Saviour’s Road, Upper Charnwood Street, Vulcan Road.

The following PDF documents are attached:

Any queries regarding the scheme should be made to: Mr Middleton on 0116 454 3720.

Horsefair, Pocklingtons, Millstone 

We are proposing to introduce measures to improve the environment and to provide safer facilities for pedestrians and cyclists.

Streets affected

Pocklingtons Walk, Millstone Lane, Horsefair St, Market Place Approach, Market Place South, Chancery Street, Every Street and Rupert Street.

The following PDF documents are attached:

>Any queries regarding the scheme should be made to: Mr Anesh Chauhan on 0116 454 2519.

Previous Traffic Regulation Orders

You can find details of previous and existing TROs on the national parking adjudication website. Just search 'Leicester' in the 'local authority' search bar.