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Traffic Regulation Orders

We implement Traffic Regulation Orders (TROs) to change parking restrictions and moving traffic restrictions on roads within the city.

Further information

TROs currently in operation

York Road/Grange Lane scheme (additional)

We are proposing to provided improved cycleway and pedestrian facilities on York Road, Bonners Lane and Grange Lane. Changes to the Traffic Orders on York Road, Bonners Lane, Grange Lane and Deacon Street will be necessary to facilitate the introduction of the cycleways, and the current proposals reflect those changes.

The Grange Lane, Oxford Street, Carlton Street junction will be altered to allow vehicular access into Grange Lane from Oxford Street, Infirmary Square and Carlton Street.

Changes to Norton Street and Henshaw Street are proposed to improve traffic circulation and provide Pay and Display parking respectively.

Streets affected

York Road, Norton Street, Bonners Lane, Grange Lane, Deacon Street, Henshaw Street.

The following PDF documents are attached:

Any queries regarding the scheme should be made to: Alison Balderson on 0116 454 3426.

Previous Traffic Regulation Orders

You can find details of previous and existing TROs on the national parking adjudication website. Just search 'Leicester' in the 'local authority' search bar.