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Scattering of ashes

You should tell the crematorium about your wishes for your loved one’s ashes before the cremation service.

Scattering of ashes 

You can scatter ashes at Gilroes Crematorium in the glade or meadow, which are communal scattering areas. They are used continually for this purpose and it's not possible to mark the exact location of individual remains.

You can also scatter ashes at a designated site on the River Soar immediately behind the National Space Centre. This tranquil site is free to use and provides a platform out over the river for relatives to scatter the ashes of their loved ones directly in to the river.

You can buy cremation graves for the burial of cremated remains at both Gilroes and Saffron Hill cemeteries. If you would like to buy a cremation plot please see our Arrange a burial page.

Sanctum vaults are for storing two caskets of ashes. They are available to lease at Gilroes Cemetery in the cremated remains garden. Please visit our Memorial option details section for further details on sanctum vaults.

Many families will choose to keep or arrange the scattering of ashes elsewhere. This may include interment in a grave in another cemetery or churchyard, dispersal at another crematorium or privately in an area selected by the family. You need to make sure you have permission to do this.

Scattering ashes on our parks or on the River Soar

When someone dies you might want to scatter their ashes locally. Ashes can be scattered at any of our parks, as well as along a stretch of the River Soar near to the National Space Centre.

Recycling of metals following cremation

All metals remaining following cremation will be disposed of in a sensitive manner to reduce the impact on the environment.

Gilroes Crematorium participates in a national metal recycling scheme. Metals are recycled through a reputable company to provide a donation to a local charity. The nominated charity for Gilroes Crematorium is Rainbows Hospice.

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