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Making improvements to your home

Most of our tenants have a secure tenancy, which means they have the right to carry out improvements to their home.

To make improvements to your home, you need to apply to our housing services department for permission. If permission is not given, we will write to you to explain the reasons for the decision. You must not start any improvement work until you have received written permission.

Your application

You should apply in writing to your area housing officer. Where you are proposing refurbishments or structural works, you should provide drawings and detailed specifications.

A technical inspection will be arranged to assess your request, and will take into account the current conditions and future maintenance requirements.

Check the regulations

You need to make sure the work you want to carry out complies with building regulations and planning requirements. Call us or visit the government's Planning Portal.

Completion of works

Once work is completed, you must contact us using the form in your documentation to arrange a final inspection. At this time, you must also provide copies of any electrical, gas or building control completion certificates requested.

Your responsibilities

You will be responsible for the maintenance and repair of any addition or alteration to your home, and for repairing any damage.

Any permanent alteration or addition becomes our property, and cannot be removed when you leave the property.

We may remove any alteration you carry out without permission, and you will be charged for the cost of this extra work.

Decorating communal areas

Tenants are not responsible for decorating communal areas.

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