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Direct debit payments

We are aware of an error with a small number of direct debits, which we are working with our bank to correct. If you have been affected, for more details call 0116 454 1010.

Priority of repairs

When you report a repair it is placed in one of three categories.


Priority 1

  • Emergency work
  • Timescale: dealt within 24 hours

Example of repairs: total failure of electrical power and/or lights, serious water leaks, total loss of heating.

Priority 2

  • Routine repairs
  • Timescale: completed within 10 working days

Example of repairs: minor repairs to windows or doors, repairs to kitchen units, ceiling repairs.

Priority 3

  • Programmed repairs
  • Timescale: surveyed within 10 working days and completed within 8 weeks to 12 months according to the job

Example of repairs: repairs to paths, repairs to guttering, repairs in communal areas.