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Your responsibilities

There are some minor repairs and general maintenance that are tenants' responsibility.

Tenants are also responsible for anything they have fitted themselves in their home.

If you are carrying out repairs for which you are responsible, there are numerous DIY stores across the city where materials can be bought. For tenants receiving a package of care, we will carry out the repairs below. For further information about this please see our section on Package of care

We will also carry out some of these repairs for disabled tenants and OAPs. These are noted in the list below.

Clothes lines

  • Repair and replace line post, rotary line, line cleat or pulley

Cylinder jacket

  • Replace cylinder jacket


  • Supply of electric and electric meter
  • Replacement of internal bulbs
    Note: we will change bulbs in sealed fittings for elderly and disabled tenants
  • Replacement of florescent tube starters
  • Replace electrical plugs
  • Disconnection and reconnection of electric cooker

External doors

  • Maintain, repair or replace letter plate
    Note: We will complete these repairs to fire doors
  • Repair or replace door numbers
  • Repair or replace spy hole
  • Replacement of keys and locks that have been lost or stolen
    Note: Tenants will be re-charged for replacements if we complete the work. We will carry out this work for disabled tenants and OAPs.
  • Repair or replace security door chain
  • Maintain, repair or replace door bell
  • Draught proofing
    Note: We will repair this if the draught proofing is part of the door design

Floor coverings

  • Repair or replace laminate flooring.
  • Repair or replace vinyl tiles, vinyl sheeting to all rooms except kitchens and bathrooms.


  • Supply of gas and gas meter
  • Disconnection and reconnection of gas cooker
    Note: We will do this if the cooker is owned by us


  • Maintain or replace gulley grid

Hat and coat hooks

  • Repair and replace hat and coat hooks (including board)

Internal doors

  • Maintain, repair or replace internal door
    Note: We will repair or replace items for doors with sliding mechanisms.
  • Maintain, repair or replace ironmongery
  • Repair or replace threshold strip

Picture rails

  • Repair and replace picture rails

Radiator shelves

  • Repair or replace radiator shelves

Skirting boards

  • Repair and replace skirting boards

Toilet, bath, basin, sink, shower

  • Repair or replace a toilet seat and cover
  • Repair or replace plug and chain
  • Repair or replace shower curtain
  • Repair or replace shower rail
  • Repair or replace shower hose
  • Maintain, repair or replace shower head
  • Maintain waste pipes, traps and wastes


  • Internal decoration
  • Filling non-structural plaster cracks and small holes

Washing machines and dishwashers

  • Disconnection and reconnection of washing machines and dishwashers
  • Repair and maintenance (including leaks)


  • Draught proofing
    Note: We will complete this if the draught proofing is part of the door design
  • Cleaning UPVc windows
  • Oiling UPVc window hinges