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Changes to the way you report housing repairs

The way you report and ask for updates about repairs is changing. Find out more on the housing repairs help page.


We are replacing all old inefficient back boilers, wall hung, and floor standing boilers with modern, efficient, gas-fired combination boilers.

Why are we replacing boilers?

These boilers have a number of advantages over existing boiler and cylinder systems:

  • A modern efficient gas boiler has a faster heat-up time, so your house will get warmer, quicker
  • New boilers heat the water as you use it, so no more waiting for the cylinder to warm up
  • Lower gas bills

What work is involved?

The old boiler will be stripped out. If it’s a back boiler then we will fit a new electric fire in its place. The new boiler will then be fitted in your existing airing cupboard, whenever possible.

We have to strip out redundant pipework and install new pipework, to connect up your existing heating, hot, cold, and gas service. This will mean lifting up floorboards, and as we also fit thermostatic vales to almost every radiator, there may be some disruption in most rooms.

We will also check that the loft insulation is up to standard, and upgrade if necessary. We may even have to work on your roof to remove the old redundant flue liner.

You will need to allow access into all rooms of the property, for fitting valves and connecting pipework, and empty your airing cupboard.

How long does this take?

Normally our heating teams are in and out the same day, and your new boiler will be working in time for tea.