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Roofs need to be repaired occasionally and will eventually need to be replaced. We carry out regular inspections of all of our properties.

Our replacement programme is planned on the basis of the survey, and on major repairs becoming necessary.

To help keep costs down, we aim to work on all the properties on a street or in one area at a time.

Tenants can still ask for repairs to their roofs in the usual way, either by calling the council (contact details below) or via our online repairs reporting site.

What work is involved?

We will strip off the old roof, including slates, tiles, felt and timbers. We will take down any cast iron gutters and down-pipes and replace them with modern PVCu ones. We will also repair the chimney and loft insulation where required.

Replacing a roof usually takes up to five working days.

Paying for the new roof

There will not be any increase in rent to cover the cost.

If you are planning to buy your home under the right to buy scheme we will not replace the roof. You must tell us if you are planning to buy your home before we start, or you will have to pay for the work.

New roofs are under guarantee from the contractor for the first six months, so we ask you to report any problems or complaints promptly.

Special requirements and complaints

If you have any special needs, for example because of age or disability, or you have any problems with the new roof, please let us know.