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Changes to the way you report housing repairs

The way you report and ask for updates about repairs is changing. Find out more on the housing repairs help page.


We’re replacing all external wooden doors in our council houses with new PVCu doors in order to modernise and improve the quality of homes across the city.

Please note, as a tenant you cannot apply for the work to be done. We will write to you if you have been selected. The work will result in an increase in your rent.

Tenants can still ask for repairs to existing doors in the usual way, either by calling the number below or via our online repairs reporting site.

PVCu doors – the advantages

  • Greater security - new PVCu doors are fitted with high security locks and fittings. Door chains and spy holes can also be added
  • Lower heating bills - the estimated energy savings amount to about £10 per door per year
  • Fewer draughts – the new doors are double draught-stripped
  • Less decorating - the new units do not need painting.

Right to buy

If you are planning to buy your home under the right to buy scheme, we will not fit new doors. You must tell us if you are planning to buy your home before the work starts, otherwise you will be charged for the work.

Special needs or complaints

If you have any special needs, problems or complaints, please let us know.