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Changes to the way you report housing repairs

The way you report and ask for updates about repairs is changing. Find out more on the housing repairs help page.
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Kitchen and bathroom replacement

A major programme to refurbish kitchens and bathrooms in our older houses is underway. We have installed more than 4,900 kitchens and 4,500 bathrooms..

Subject to funding, we hope to offer all qualifying tenants the opportunity of having either a new kitchen or bathroom.

The criteria for getting a new kitchen or bathroom fitted are:

  • The property must be at least 30 years old
  • A new kitchen or bathroom package has not already been fitted (including those fitted following a referral from social services)
  • Significant repairs have not been carried out to the kitchen or bathroom over the last five years
  • The tenant has not submitted an application to buy their house under the right to buy scheme.

Installations will be prioritised according to the age of the property.

We will write to qualifying tenants every March or April, to give them the choice of having either a kitchen or bathroom fitted. (please note, tenants cannot apply to have their kitchens or bathrooms refurbished).

The refurbishment process

One of our design consultants will arrange an appointment at your home, to discuss the layout of your new kitchen/bathroom, and the colour schemes available.

The installation will take at least a week to complete, and will inevitably create some disruption. Our contractors will do their best to minimise potential problems.

Where tenants have chosen to have a bathroom installed, the contractors will ensure a usable toilet is made available at the end of each day, unless another usable toilet is available.

How much will it cost?

There will be a rent increase of approximately 83p per week for a kitchen, and 55p per week for a bathroom.