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Healthcare services

Homeless people in Leicester can access healthcare and mental health services. If you are homeless, you can refer yourself to both services.

The services are based at Charles Berry House, in Bond Street, where doctor and nurse clinics are available throughout the week. Outreach services are provided at the Dawn Centre on weekday mornings. 

A range of healthcare is available to any homeless people, including anyone staying in temporary accommodation. Jointly led by a GP and consultant nurse, the service also includes two female GPs and a specialist practice nurse.

What facilities are provided?

  • Consultations for diagnosis, treatment and medical certificates
  • Health checks including blood pressure, asthma, diabetes, weight and urine
  • Contraceptive services, maternity medical services and minor surgery services
  • Sexual health promotion, vaccinations, health promotion and preventative health care
  • Weekly visiting therapist for common mental health problems (a GP or consultant nurse referral is needed for this service)
  • Acupuncture for muscular and joint problems.

When is the service available?

There are open access sessions at Charles Berry House. These are Monday to Friday, 8.30am - 5pm. You can call the team on 0116 221 2780 for more information.

Mental health support

We work with homeless people in Leicester to help them to access mental health services. Homeless people can refer themselves to the service, or you can call us on 0116 221 2777.

We have three mental health nurses; two part-time psychologists and one part-time psychiatrist.

Our nurses are available on a first come, first served basis at the Dawn Centre, from Monday to Friday.