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Types of council meeting

Find out about the different types of council meetings we hold. The majority are open to members of the public, although some may be held in private when appropriate.

Full Council

Full Council consists of all 54 members of the council and meets about seven times a year, in the Town Hall. These meetings are open to the public.

Some business can only be determined by Full Council, such as setting council tax. It also deals with objections made by councillors to executive team decisions. Here, it will debate the issue and either confirm the decision, or refer it back with a recommendation.

Full council also receives petitions and questions from members of the public.

Planning and Development Control Committee

This committee meets every three weeks in public, and its main role is to determine planning applications that need a decision. This can be anything from building an extension on a house, to a major housing development.

Licensing Committee

This committee meets quarterly and its main role is to recommend licensing policies, although it can hear licensing applications if necessary.

Licensing Enforcement Sub-Committee

This committee deals with hearings for licences, including for taxis, street trading and door-to-door collections.

Licensing (Hearings) Sub-Committee 

These hearings deal with applications for personal and premises licences for the sale of alcohol, late night refreshments and entertainment.

Standards and Governance and Audit Committees

The Standards Committee ensures that our councillors maintain the standards expected of them, and the Governance and Audit Committee ensure good quality corporate governance.