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The results for Evington ward have been declared. Deepak Bajaj (Labour), Ratilal Bhagwan Govind (Labour) and Sue Hunter (Labour) are elected. Turnout was 63.3%

Candidate Party Votes
Deepak Bajaj Labour Party 3990
Ursula Elizabeth Bilson The Green Party 660
Anthony Robert Blower Leicester Independent Councillors Against Cuts 267
Colin William Brown UK Independence Party (UKIP) 690
Neil Ben Foley The Green Party 388
Ratilal Bhagwan Govind Labour Party 3327
Sue Hunter Labour Party 3827
Pratap Jethwa The Conservative Party Candidate 1874
Vivek Bhima Khistariya The Conservative Party Candidate 1564
Chris Lucas UK Independence Party (UKIP) 633
Sajan Raja Odedra The Conservative Party Candidate 1737
Simon Stone UK Independence Party (UKIP) 499