Ashton Green development project

Edgewood Morris Homes 2013

Ashton Green is seen as the most innovative and sustainable new development in Leicester in more than 30 years. This will help progress towards delivering the 20,000 new homes needed over the next 20 years.

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Ashton Green will make a significant contribution towards delivering quality new homes in Leicester, and raising its profile as the place to do business in the East Midlands. The site has the potential to deliver the highest quality of built environment, while protecting and enhancing the natural surroundings in this part of the city. In addition to much-needed new homes, this development will bring employment land opportunities with new jobs, economic, regeneration and social benefits for the wider community.

We will retain influence and direction over the future development as land owner, and local planning authority to ensure the long-term delivery of the Ashton Green vision of a sustainable new community. With an outline planning permission, infrastructure delivery plan and phasing strategy already in place, we are now bringing the site forward for development.

Ashton Green offers a fantastic development opportunity for developers and investors to participate in the delivery of a comprehensively planned, high quality, sustainable urban extension to Leicester. The site offers 130 hectares of greenfield land for up 3,000 new homes, with 10 ha of employment land, a commercial village centre and 50 ha of green space. Opportunities for investment in education, health, community facilities and a commercial village centre will follow later in the development process.