Emerging planning policy

We’re working on a new local plan to set out a vision and objectives for Leicester’s growth over the next 15 years. It is expected to be adopted in 2018.

Further information

Local plan consultation

All planning decisions - from deciding whether to build a new shopping centre, to whether to approve a new housing development are assessed against a framework. This type of framework is called a local plan.

It helps to make sure the city is developed in the right way, including building the right number and types of houses, developing the right kind of shopping and recreation facilities, getting the right office and industrial spaces, creating opportunities for local jobs to be nurtured and protecting our wildlife, landscapes and heritage.

The local plan will cover a wide range of subjects and look at a number of different issues including:

  • Housing
  • Employment
  • Transport
  • City centre and regeneration
  • Shopping and retail
  • Waste and minerals
  • Environmental issues
  • Community facilities 

Have your say on the local plan

You can submit your views online on our consultations website using the following link:

Full PDF copies of the consultation documents are available by clicking the link above and scrolling towards the bottom of the page under the 'Related' section heading.

If you would like hard copies of the questionnaire, please email us at planning.policy@leicester.gov.uk.

Site allocations

As part of the local plan process you can submit sites for consideration for development, alternative uses or protection in the new local plan. The guidance below provides background on the process and further information to help you submit new sites using the form, which can also find below: