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Emerging planning policy

We’re working on a new local plan to set out a vision and objectives for Leicester’s growth over the next 15 years.

Local Plan examination

We have developed a new local plan which sets out a vision and objectives for Leicester’s growth until 2036.

The Local Plan is an important planning document that once adopted will set out the vision and aims for growth of the city up to 2036. The plan will be used to allocate sites for development, deliver infrastructure, influence economic investment and make decisions on planning applications. 

Following previous consultations, the local plan has now been submitted to government. An independent examination is expected shortly which will review the plan. Following approval by government, it will be adopted as planning policy to guide planning decisions in Leicester.

Call for sites

We're asking interested parties to suggest sites which could help meet the city’s need for new homes and jobs as well as other land uses.

The details submitted under this ‘Call for Sites’ will be assessed by us for inclusion in the Leicester’s Housing and Economic Land Availability Assessment. Ultimately, sites may be considered for inclusion in the Brownfield Land register and/or the next consultation draft of Leicester’s Local Plan.

If you would like to submit details of a site, you can do so using the link below:

Please note that a site plan of sufficient quality to adequately identify the site will be required. Guidance notes are available on the consultation website.

The closing date for submissions was the 16 December 2018.

Please use the form attached at the bottom of this page to provide information on sites to be assessed for inclusion in Leicester’s Strategic Housing and Economic Land Availability Assessment.