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River Soar and Grand Union Canal improvement programme

Over 35 projects have been delivered since 2015, providing environmental improvements along Leicester’s waterways providing flood protection, enhancements to biodiversity and improved access.

Commissioned as part of the programme, the video below highlights some of the projects delivered from a sky-high, cinematic viewpoint.

The six year programme of works came to an end in March 2021 following £7.5million of Local Growth Fund investment from the Leicester and Leicestershire Enterprise Partnership. The projects delivered in partnership between ourselves, the Environment Agency (EA) and the Canal and River Trust (CRT) have delivered a series of outputs including:

  • 8km of improved footpaths and cycleway
  • 3km of new footpaths and cycleway
  • 1852 homes safeguarded from flood risk
  • £55m of savings resulting from reduced flood damage

  • Everards Meadows Access and Environmental Improvements (LCC)
  • Aylestone Meadows Green Infrastructure works phase 1 (LCC)
  • Aylestone Meadows Green Infrastructure works phase 2 (LCC)
  • Ellis Meadows conveyance scheme (EA and LCC)
  • Access Improvements at Watermead Park South (LCC)
  • Access Improvements at Watermead Park North (Leicestershire County Council)
  • Disabled access ramp at the Leicester Outdoor Pursuit Centre (CRT)
  • Towpath improvements (CRT)
  • Grand Union Canal Street Art (LCC and CRT)
  • Marsden Lane Ramp (LCC)
  • Cardinals Meadows (LCC)
  • Swans Nest Wetland (LCC)
  • Ellis Meadows entrance improvements (LCC)
  • Improvements at Holden Street Footbridge (CRT)
  • Access improvements to the towpath at Blue Bank Bridge (CRT)
  • Footpath improvements between Great Central Way and Blue Bank Bridge (LCC)
  • Memory Lane Wharf Moorings (CRT)
  • Friars Mill Moorings (CRT)
  • Legible Leicester North Extension (LCC)
  • Frog Island Mill Race (EA)
  • Loughborough Road Culvert (EA)
  • Thurmaston Sluice and Canoe Access (CRT)
  • Improvements to access at Belgrave Circle/Willow Brook (LCC)
  • Bennion Bridge (LCC)
  • Birstall Meadows pond enhancements (EA)
  • Canal Dredging (CRT)
  • Littlemead (LCC)
  • Riverside Strategy (LCC & Riverscape Environmental Consultants)
  • Corporation Road Land Raising phase 1 (LCC)
  • Corporation Road Land Raising phase 2 (LCC)
  • Sediment fingerprinting (EA)
  • Improvements at Mill Hill, Belgrave (LCC)
  • Memory Lane Wharf Landscaping and Servicing (CRT)
  • Japanese Knotweed removal (LCC)
  • Landscaping at Belgrave Park (LCC)