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Flood investigations and reports

We have a duty to publish reports of investigations into flood incidents.

What is a Section 19 flood investigation report?

A Section 19 flood investigation report is a public statement of the circumstances of a flood event, which establishes the responsible risk management authorities - GOV.UK  as well as the functions they have exercised, or propose to exercise, as a result of the flooding event.

When is a Section 19 flood investigation report required?

Not all flooding that is reported to and investigated by us, requires a Section 19 report to be commissioned and published.

When investigating a flood, we will only publish a Section 19 report when:

  1. 30 or more properties in a single event have experienced internal flooding of living accommodation for residential properties or where the function of the property has become inoperable or adversely affected for non-residential properties.
  2. A Section 19 Flood Investigation has been requested by an Elected Member (a Councillor, the City Mayor or a Member of Parliament) in response to flooding in the city.
  3. And where no other risk management authority - GOV.UKis exercising or proposing to exercise its risk management functions.

What to do if you have been flooded?

If you have experienced flooding or have witnessed flooding, please visit: Report flooding.

Always report flooding, even if you do not think that the flooding is sufficient to reach Section 19 criteria, as the relevant authority (such as Leicester City Council) will undertake appropriate investigation and corrective action, to minimise the likelihood of flooding reoccurring.

See Flooding and watercourses for further information.

Where are Section 19 flood investigation reports published?

All Section 19 reports undertaken by us are published as PDFs on this page and are freely available for download. In the instance that no Section 19 reports are available for download, then this indicates that we have not undertaken any Section 19 reports at the time of reading.

All relevant risk management authorities - GOV.UK will be notified of a Section 19 investigation’s conclusions and recommendations, and a copy of the Section 19 report provided (where appropriate).

A Section 19 investigation is not an in-depth analysis of the flood risk or mechanisms, which means that hydraulic modelling of the risks and reduction options are not part of the investigation. But are commissioned on a case-by-case basis, based on the findings of the investigation.

Flood investigations additionally do not give us powers to require any parties to undertake any work, this undertaken via enforcement using the relevant powers associated with legislation available to Leicester City Council or other risk management authorities - GOV.UK.