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Local flood risk management strategy

We are a Lead Local Flood Authority (LLFA) and are responsible for producing, maintaining, applying and monitoring a local flood risk management strategy.

Climate emergency action plan

The Climate Emergency Strategy (and the accompanying Climate Emergency Action Plan) now forms the framework, which we will use to engage local communities in developing local flood risk management decisions and explains how we support them to become better informed about flood risk issues.

Our Local Flood Risk Management Action Plan is integrated into the latest version of the Climate Emergency Action Plan. You can view the latest Climate Emergency Strategy and the supporting Climate Emergency Action Plan at our Climate emergency section.

Integrated Flood Risk Management Strategy - Flood risk action plan

We have been working with the Environment Agency on a strategy to reduce flood risk in the city from both rivers and surface water called the “Integrated Flood Risk Management Strategy, 2017.

A public consultation was run during 2017 to collect views and opinions on ideas proposed to manage flood risk in the city. You can view the consultation at: Flood risk action plan (Leicester Integrated Flood Risk Management Strategy).

We are currently working with the Environment Agency to conclude the Integrated Flood Risk Management Strategy and determine any viable flood risk management measures. Once concluded, further information will be published on this webpage.