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Flood risk asset register

We have compiled a record of more than 1,000 structures which we consider have a significant effect on flooding in Leicester. These structures are split into two classifications: designated assets and non-designated assets.

Designated assets

We are currently considering whether or not to designate any assets within the city. These decisions will consider the impact upon the owners of structures and the likely impact upon flood risk.

As lead local flood authority we must keep a record of assets that have been designated. Currently, there are none, but a register will be made available below if any are selected. Guidance on designated assets is available at GOV.UK.

Non-designated assets

These structures may have been built specifically as a flood defence, such as the storm detention area in Knighton Park, or act informally such as a bridge or wall next to a watercourse.

We have the power to designate assets, meaning our permission is required to alter or demolish the asset. The structures on this register are not designated assets - there is no statutory protection for these assets except any exercised through other methods. More information on designating assets is available at GOV.UK.

Asset register

The latest version of the flood risk asset register can be viewed on our flood risk map. Select the ‘Flood Risk Assets’ icon under the ‘Drainage’ section in the legend to view this information. If you would like to download the latest version of the flood risk asset register, this is available on Open Leicester. It can be downloaded in a variety of file formats: CSV, JSON, Excel, GeoJSON, Shapefile and KML.

Please note

The flood risk assets register is only accurate at the time of publication and is not an exhaustive list, because some assets are owned, managed and maintained by other management authorities (such as Severn Trent Water) and private landowners, which may not have been disclosed. This list contains the most prominent flood risk assets in the city of Leicester.