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Apply for an H marking

A H marking is an advisory marking to remind other road users not to obstruct an entrance as vehicle access is required at all times.

What is a H marking?

The H marking is a road marking that consists of a white line with a tab at each end covering a dropped kerb crossing, that gives access to off street parking, driveway, hard standing area or garage. It can be in front of a domestic or commercial property.

Where can markings be made?

The H marking is painted across a dropped kerb vehicle crossing which gives access to off-street parking, a driveway, hard standing area, or garage. The space must be an absolute minimum of 2.4 metres wide by 4 metres long, large enough to park an average car at 90 degrees to the highway.

It cannot be marked where there are existing double yellow lines or where a kerb is not dropped.

A H marking cannot be repainted if the frontage of the property has changed, and it no longer meets the criteria.

View examples of H markings that may apply to you.

What documents will I need to provide?

You will need to upload a photo of the frontage of your property showing the dropped kerb and off-street parking area.

You will need a debit or a credit card to pay the non-refundable application fee and a photo of the frontage of your property showing the dropped kerb and off-street parking area.

How much will it cost?

For both new and the repainting of worn H markings, the same charge applies.

There is an initial non-refundable application fee of £20 and then the marking is charged based on the length of your dropped kerb:

  • Dropped kerbs up to six metres in length will be charged at - £105
  • Dropped kerbs over six metres in length will be charged at - £105 + £10 per additional metre

How to apply

You can apply for new marking or remark an existing one using the form below:

Frequently asked questions

We aim to review your application within four weeks of submission. We will assess if the location meets the criteria or not, if we need more information, we will let you know via email.

If your application has been successful, you will receive an approval email, including a link for you to proceed and make the payment for your H marking. We aim to have your H marking painted within six weeks of receiving the payment.

If your application has not been successful, we will send an email confirming why it doesn’t meet the criteria.

The link to make the payment will stay live for 12 weeks, after this time your application will automatically close and you will have to submit a new application. So, if you feel you do meet the criteria, please start your application when you are ready to work within these time frames.

The highway authority does not offer any financial assistance to subsidise the installation of an H marking.

If a vehicle parks on the H marking without the consent of the occupier, and is causing an obstruction, our civil enforcement officers can take action. 

Although, the H marking is an advisory marking, it is Leicester City Council’s policy to only enforce the obstruction of a dropped kerb vehicle crossing where an H marking has been painted. 

The phone number for the enforcement officers is: 0116 299 5063; they will visit the location subject to availability. 

The marking is provided solely to highlight the presence of a driveway, hard standing area or access to a garage. If you park your own vehicle over the H marking it devalues the meaning of the marking and shows to other drivers that you do not need access to the driveway, hard standing area, or garage.

Yes. Whilst most applications are successful, if you do not have the space for a vehicle to be taken off the highway onto a driveway, hard standing area or garage but have an existing dropped kerb, it will be refused. 

If your H marking requires repainting, you must apply via the online application as it will need to be assessed to ensure it still meets the criteria. 

We will not be able to repaint an H marking where the criteria are no longer met,  for example the garage has been replaced with an extension, or depth of hard standing has been reduced due to the front of the house being altered.

If your application is refused, you will receive an email stating the reason why and that you have a right to appeal.

Your appeal would have to be made in writing to the City Highways Director, 90 Leycroft Road, Leicester LE4 1BZ, or via email to (this email is only for appeals, no other emails will be responded to). Please ensure that the subject line of the email has APPEAL and your unique reference number starting with HM.