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List of streets

We are required to maintain an up to date list of streets within the city.

The list available on the FindMyStreet website shows an alphabetical record of streets which are adopted (maintainable at public expense) and unadopted (maintained privately). Details of our list of streets are fed into the National Street Gazetter which shows each street within England and Wales. Any necessary amendments are made to the Gazetter on a monthly basis.

Any of the following events can cause the list to be amended:

  • naming of a new street
  • renaming of an existing street
  • adoption of an unadopted street
  • stopping up of a street


Unadopted streets

Unadopted streets are not maintained by the council but are the responsibility of the owner(s) of the street. Some unadopted streets are subject to a legal agreement which will ensure that it will become adopted by the council who will then become responsible for its maintenance.

The following is a chronological list of agreements which the council has entered in to with developers for the streets as shown. All the agreements are supported by a form of bond so no charge will be made to adjoining property owners for the cost of the street works.

24 April 1995, Asra Housing Association Limited, Asha Margh (part - Holden Street to Asra House entrance)

20 September 1996, Wilcon Homes, Benskins Oval (part - internal footway and footpaths)

17 March 2000, Tesco Stores Limited, Beaumont Way (part - entrance to car park at mini island), Rutherford Road (part - Orwell Drive to market entrance)

1 November 2005, Barratt Homes Limited, Darnall Road, Helmdon Road, Quainton Road, Watkin Road (part - south of river crossing to cul-de-sac, Woodford Road)

9 April 2008, Bestway (Holdings) Limited, Meadows Way

31 December 2008, Lovell Partnerships Limited, Austwick Close (part - footpath to Strasbourg Drive), Bishopdale Road (part - adjacent number 124 to cul-de-sac, and cul-de-sac opposite Wymar Close), Dunire Close (part - cul-de-sac opposite number 16, Newbiggin Place), Wymar Close (part - number 12 to cul-de-sac)

14 January 2011, Hazelton Homes Limited, Newchurch Close

27 October 2011, Urban Rhythm (Hazelton Homes Limited), Wheatsheaf Way

18 April 2013, Barratt Homes North Midlands, Hattersley Way

8 September 2014, Kier Partnership Homes Limited, Dahlia Road, Hallaton Road (part - western boundary of number 15 to cul-de-sac), Gardenia Road, Lotus Road (part - Lily Road to Hallaton Road)

23 January 2015, Jelson Limited, Bridgemere Close (part - southern boundary of number 17 to southern boundary of number 23)

1 February 2016, Hazelton Homes Limited, Vicarage Gardens

15 February 2016, Redrow Homes Limited, Barlow Road, Bentley Close, Bryony Road (part - Burdock Close to Laverton Road), Carnaby Close, Cloughton Road (part - Laverton Road to southern boundary of number 2), Dunnington Close, Langtoft Close, Laverton Road

8 March 2016 - Hazelton Homes Limited, Ardleigh Road, Elmdon Drive, Gainsford Road, Highwood Drive, Steeple Drive

2 August 2016 - BDW Trading Limited, Marylebone Place

13 June 2017, Westleigh Partnerships Limited, Conkers Close

19 October 2018, Redrow Homes Limited, Farnley Road (part - Kinsley Road to Newland Close), Kinsley Road, Octon Road

19 October 2018, Redrow Homes Limited, Borrowby Close, Cloughton Road (part - southern boundary of number 2 to southern boundary of number 10)

22 November 2018, Redrow Homes Limited, Cloughton Road (part - southern boundary of number 10 to cul-de-sac), Farnley Road (part - Newland Close to Cloughton Road), Hayton Road, Gatenby Close, Grindale Road, Newland Close

28 January 2019, Bellway Homes Limited, Raywell Road

3 June 2020, Jelson Limited, Bridgemere Close (part - southern boundary of number 23 to cul-de-sac)

7 July 2020, Countryside Properties (WPL) Limited, Maris Lane, Old Saffron Lane (part - western footway from Saffron Lane to Maris Lane), Pentland Close

3  June 2021, Kier Living Ltd, Bevan Road (part – 10 metres east of Hogarth Road to a point 55 meters east of Hogarth Road)

7 June 2021, Countryside Properties (WPL) Limited, Abbey Meadows (part - southern boundary of number 91 to cul-de-sac), Harston Lane, Pescall Boulevard (part - Abbey Meadows to southern boundary of number 39)

21 July 2021, Kier Living Ltd, Bevan Road (part – 55 metres east of Hogarth Road to cul-de-sac)

2 August 2021, Kier Living Ltd, Dovecote Road, Hall Meadow Road, Long Spinney, Round Meadow Road

Street naming

The naming of streets and the numbering of properties are two separate procedures.

To enquire about the naming of streets, contact us using the details below. To enquire about the numbering of properties, see our planning section.

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