List of streets

We are required to maintain an up to date list of streets within the city.

Further information

The list shows an alphabetical record of streets, footpaths, bridleways and cycle tracks which are adopted (maintainable at public expense) and unadopted (maintained privately).

Any of the following events can cause the list to be amended:

  • naming of a new street
  • renaming of an existing street
  • adoption of an unadopted street
  • stopping up of a street
  • classification or declassification of a street
  • amendment of the definitive map of public rights of way.

You can download the list, and a list of amendments, at the bottom of the page.

Street naming

The naming of streets and the numbering of properties are two separate procedures.

To enquire about the naming of streets, contact us using the details below. To enquire about the numbering of properties, see our planning section.

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