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Registering for an online account

Sorry, you will not be able to register for an online account at the moment. Existing users can still continue to use our service. We hope to have this fixed soon.

Council tax reminders

If you fall behind with council tax payments, we may contact you using a text or voice message or by email, as a reminder before taking further recovery action.

Why we may get in touch

If you are behind with your payments, we may be in touch before a reminder or summons is issued or before we ask our enforcement agents to try and collect the overdue amount on our behalf. This is to help you to take the right action before the formal recovery process continues and avoid additional costs.

Whilst this service is offered to prevent customers from falling further into arrears, it should not be relied upon. It is your responsibility to maintain the instalments due on your account in line with your bill. Failure to do so will result in recovery action being taken.

How will I know if it is genuine or not?

Text messages

Text messages from us will show as coming from 'LeicesterCC'.


Emails sent by us will never ask you for personal or financial information.


Voicemails will be left by our 0116 454 1021 number.

If you are still concerned

If you receive a text/voice message or email about your council tax arrears but are not sure it is genuine you can email us at or call us on 0116 454 1005.