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Unoccupied homes

Council tax is payable on unoccupied properties in some circumstances.

Further information

Property discounts

If you have a property that is unoccupied and unfurnished, there is no charge for the first calendar month. After this, the charge to pay goes up to the full amount, unless an exemption applies (see exemptions.)

This discount always starts from the day the property first becomes unoccupied and unfurnished. If you buy or rent a property that is already unoccupied, this discount does not start again when you acquire it, as it applies to the property and not the individual.

The empty property must be occupied for at least six weeks before a further discount can be applied.

If you have a property that is a second home, or furnished but not occupied as any person’s main home, you will be charged 100 per cent with immediate effect, unless an exemption applies (see exemptions.)

These changes were part of the Government’s Localism Agenda, and are in support of the council’s Empty Homes Strategy to help encourage the quick letting or reoccupation of properties in Leicester.

Long-term unoccupied levy (premium)

A property which has been unoccupied and unfurnished for two years or more will be charged an additional premium of 50 per cent, unless an exemption applies (see exemptions.)

Property owned by Ministry of Defence personnel or property which forms part of another property and cannot be let separately due to planning conditions are exempt from this levy.