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You may be entitled to a discount on your council tax bill in certain circumstances.

The full council tax bill is based on two adults living in a property as their main home. Some people are not counted as adult residents if they fall into certain categories. If only one adult is counted as living there, the bill is reduced by 25 per cent. If everyone living in the property is not counted, the bill is reduced by 50 per cent.

Discounts can be applicable to the following:

Changes to your circumstances

If you have a discount, which will be shown on your bill, you must tell us within 21 days of any change in your circumstances that may affect that discount. 

We will only consider backdating a discount if there is a good reason why you have not asked for it earlier, and you can give satisfactory proof of your entitlement from an earlier date.

If we do not give you a discount and you disagree with our decision you can make an appeal.