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Registering for an online account

Sorry, you will not be able to register for an online account at the moment. Existing users can still continue to use our service. We hope to have this fixed soon.

Unpaid council tax

If you have problems paying your council tax, you should let us know immediately. You can request to make an arrangement with us which we will consider.

We are not legally obliged to make payment arrangements, and only consider them as part of our effort to ensure all council tax payers are treated fairly and objectively.

If you email us now, we can discuss what you owe and how this can be paid in a way that helps you.

You may be entitled to money off your council tax

We will also try to help you if we think you may not be claiming any discount, exemption or benefits you are entitled to. Please see our section on:

Get help managing your finance

There are several organisations in Leicester that can offer advice about managing your finances.

We also advise you take care when borrowing money, and avoid loan sharks.