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West End

Fosse Road South

The West End conservation area was created in 2008 by the joining up of several areas and properties to create a contiguous area.

The conservation area is partially made up of the former Daneshill and Westcotes Drive conservation areas. These had Article 4 Directions from 1991, which limited the rights of householder to alter their properties without planning permission, but they have been deleted in June 2022 and replaced with a new Article 4 Direction covering the whole conservation area. The effect of the Article 4 Direction on these properties is that a planning application must be submitted for most exterior alterations. A copy of this direction can be downloaded below.

All properties in the area are covered by an Article 4 Direction which limits the rights of property owners to carry out work to their properties without planning permission.

An older Character Appraisal for the West End Conservation Area dated to 2008 and has been replaced with a revised document in June 2022. Alongside this, a new combined Management Plan covering this area and the St Paul’s conservation area was adopted at the same time (copies of both documents can be downloaded below).