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Dementia care and support

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The word dementia describes a set of symptoms that occur when the brain is damaged by certain diseases such as Alzheimer’s Disease, a series of small strokes or other neurological conditions such as Parkinson’s disease.

Symptoms and living with dementia

It is important that people who are experiencing any of the symptoms associated with dementia, approach their GP as soon as possible. A GP will work to try and eliminate any other potential causes for the symptoms. If you do then receive an early diagnosis of dementia, it can open the door to further support available to you and your family which will help you to plan ahead. Further information about the symptoms of dementia can be found at NHS.UK.

Dementia guide

Whatever your situation, Care Choices offers practical information for people living with dementia and those supporting someone with dementia. You may be a relative, a friend, a member of the community, whatever your role in the person with dementia’s life. They have produced a guide to help inform you about dementia and living with the condition on a daily basis.

What’s the situation in Leicester?

In Leicester, according to NHS records, there are over 2,000 people over 65 years old living with dementia (November 2022 data). This is expected to double and rise to over 4,000 people by 2035. Over 150 people under the age of 65 are living with early onset dementia in the city.

Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland’s Living Well with Dementia Strategy 2019-2022 sets out the ambition for the local area to support people to live well with dementia. You can view the strategy at the bottom of this page. It reflects the national strategic direction outlined in the Prime Minister’s Challenge on Dementia 2020.

What support do we offer?

We commission the Dementia Support Service for people living with dementia and their friends, families or carers. There is a shift for support to focus on how we can enable people to live well with dementia.

Find out more about this service at MyChoice.

There is also lots of useful information available in this Dementia Friendly publication on the Care Choices website.

Find out what other help and support is available to you below.

Age UK's Dementia Support Service

  • Personalised one to one support
  • Information, advice and signposting
  • Post diagnostic support
  • Social groups and activities
  • Informal carer learning sessions
  • Digital resources

Tel: 0116 223 7363

Age UK (Leicester Carers Support Service)

  • Peer support and one to one support for carers over the age of 18
  • Opportunities for carers to take part in relaxing activities
  • Information, advice and guidance to enable carers to feel more knowledgeable and confident about their caring role and the person they care for
  • Carer learning opportunities for carers to improve understanding of support available to support carers’ physical and emotional wellbeing

Also provides free independent, confidential information and advice to people over 50 and their carers.

Address: Clarence House, 46 Humberstone Gate, Leicester, LE1 3PJ
Tel: 0116 222 0538
Website: Leicester Carers Support Service

Further information for families and carers can be found on our support for carers page.

Admiral Nurses at Leicester Hospitals

Admiral nurses provide specialist dementia support to families with complex needs. The service in Leicester’s hospitals has been established in partnership with Dementia UK.

Find out more about Admiral Nurse availability in Leicester by:

Visiting: Dementia UK website
Tel: 0800 888 6678

Shared Lives

Shared Lives is a care service helping people live independent lives. Shared Lives carers work from their own homes to provide day care, short term respite or long term live in arrangements for adults who have social care needs. For more information visit our shared lives page.

Further information

For more information on a wide range of local services available to carers in local areas, please visit the MyChoice website.

Although currently, there is no certain way of preventing dementia, there is good evidence that a healthy lifestyle can reduce the risk of developing it. For resources to support a healthy lifestyle, such as healthy eating, exercise and smoking reduction visit the following sites:

The only way to beat dementia altogether is through medical research and the only way for research to progress is for more people to get involved. Join Dementia Research is a service which allows people to register their interest in participating in dementia research and be matched to suitable studies.


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Living well with dementia
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