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Safeguarding adults board

The Leicester Safeguarding Adults Board is an independent board made up of lots of different organisations.

Further information

We believe everyone has a right to live a life free from abuse and neglect. We have developed a dedicated safeguarding adults board and safeguarding adults unit to make sure protecting vulnerable adults is a key priority when we are providing services to the public.

The board meets four times a year and has responsibility for the safety of all vulnerable adults in Leicester, whether they live in a care setting or in the community.

You can view the annual report at the bottom of this page.

The board ensures all organisations that provide or buy services for adults in Leicester work in a co-ordinated way. It wants all organisations involved in adult health and social care services to promote health and wellbeing, safeguarding and protecting adults from abuse. 

The board also has a number of other functions: 

  • Co-ordinating the work that everyone on the board does and ensures this work is effective in promoting the safety and welfare of vulnerable adults
  • Developing and promoting information-sharing protocols between organisations
  • It agrees, monitors, reviews and evaluates the results of the board management business plan, which is a plan that looks to promote the health and wellbeing of adults with a particular emphasis on prevention and keeping people safe
  • Working with the Local Safeguarding Children's Board on issues that affect families and the wider community
  • Developing and implementing policies, procedures and protocols that promote the health and wellbeing, safeguarding and protection of vulnerable adults.