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The results for Western ward have been declared. Lindsay Petya Broadwell (Labour), and Orlando George Cole (Labour) and Gary O'Donnell (Labour are elected. Turnout was 24.96%.

Candidate Party Votes
Lindsay Petya Broadwell Labour Party 1494
Thomas George Broome The Conservative Party Candidate 659
Rhys Elliott Brown The Conservative Party Candidate 607
Orlando George Cole Labour Party 1646
Jitesh Dave UK Independence Party (UKIP) 389
Christopher John Davies The Green Party 603
Marie Luizi Genevieve Lefebvre The Green Party 549
Eric Antoni Major The Conservative Party Candidate 519
Gary O'Donnell Labour Party 1542
Chris Sidwell-Smith Liberal Democrats 430
Gregg Young UK Independence Party (UKIP) 511
Stuart Ian Eric Young UK Independence Party (UKIP) 475